Creativity & Innovation Boosters

Learn how to tap into a limitless source of new ideas and solutions for your business... every day

Course Summary

In my course, Creativity and Innovation Boosters here's what you're going to do:

    • Have a blast with a series of proven creativity boosting activities that will give you more ideas and solutions than you ever imagined possible.

    • Discover exactly what behaviors you need to nurture in yourself.... and what things you should avoid since they stifle creativity.

    • Identify the ideal environment and schedule for maximizing your creativity.... so you can make it a part of every day.

    • Join our exclusive customer community, where you can ask questions, get feedback, and share inspiration and motivation.

The course is divided up into 11 bite-size modules, along with some fun bonuses and community support.

Want to know exactly what's included? You'll get:

Course Curriculum

Sharyn Sheldon

I've been designing and creating training programs for over 30 years, both for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. When I started my online business, Content Sparks, in 2011 I had to find a creative way to both stand out in a massively crowded market AND generate new content ideas every month. The result? I've grown my business to multiple 6-figures yearly revenue and built up our proprietary training library of over 150 courses and counting. Now, I enjoy helping others create their own courses and build their businesses, while I travel all over the world at the same time!

Kate Rieger

Health & Wellness PLR Publisher

"Whether a quick video tutorial or a full course, as soon as Sharyn releases a new training, I'm on it. Here's what I love about her lessons:  

- Clear: I know what I'm going to learn and don't have to wonder if it's for me
- Concise: No fluff.
- To the point and organized.
- Eye Opening: Trainings spark new ideas. I'm able to think of new approaches for my own audience.
- Actionable: I'm inspired to take action because I know what to do, how to do it and how to add some pizazz.  

What's next Sharyn? I'm ready!"

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